With Gratitude for the Privilege

It is still hard to fathom that Dr. Sensenig has passed on. He was my professor at UBCNM, and I gained so much from his lectures as well as from precepting with him. He was an orator like no other. There were definitely moments during his lectures where it was apparent that the spirits of the elders of the profession were in the room with him, which was amazing. He provided such a space for us to dig into and learn the roots of our medicine. A particularly funny memory was on a day in his office when he decided to “snack” on some digestive enzyme chewables – he kept popping them! I am so grateful to have had the privilege of learning from him. I believe he’s still with us all, during clinical moments and thinking through challenging cases from the vitalist approach. Thank you, Dr. Sensenig, for all you’ve shared, and God Bless.