To a Gentle yet Strong Higher Soul

I met Jim within the first week of my first year at SCNM. We were such  new school we often had week long classes from professors from other schools and fields that we lacked through our own. Jim was the first one and “no surprise” he taught Naturopathic Philosophy. That first year was all about the sciences which made total sense but having come from the conventional medical world (CNM, APRN) I was desperate to delve into why I had come to this profession. Jim not only spoke eloquently about the philosophy but also about the heart and soul of our medicine. He helped us to “see” why we should be in this field. He literally never used notes that I can remember and never ran out of meaningful things to say and discuss. I remember being so nervous about going to school after being in my field for 20 some years and wondering if I could do it at my age. He was so encouraging and after class one day told me about how important it was to have “seasoned” professionals come into this profession and how often those of us who left the conventional world because it could not hold our passion and heart. He won mine for this magnificent profession then and there. Living in NH I’d see him from time at East Coast conferences. I was never a personal friend or classmate of his but he made you feel that way with his hugs and smiles.

Dr Christine Kuhlman SCNM 1997

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