Rest Easy Daddy

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the outpouring of love, admiration and appreciation for my father. I am overwhelmed… it makes this transition to a world without my rock a little more bearable. Not only was he a mentor, healer and teacher… he was a beacon of light and love. He knew how to believe in people even when we didn’t believe in ourselves. He inspired everyone that he touched to be better than they hoped, reach farther than they ever aspired to and attempt to love themselves like he loved everyone around him. He motivated us. He guided us. And most importantly he never gave up on us. I lost the only person that always believed in me unconditionally and without judgement or reservation. He gave all of himself everyday and in every way.

Thank you Dad for always giving 110% of yourself and never wanting or expecting anything in return. I am so grateful to say that you were… to say that you are my father. I could not have been graced with a greater gift. You inspired me, supported me, believed in me and guided me every step of my 41 years. The love and unwavering support that you gave me was more than any daughter could ever hope for. I can’t understand what made you proud because I don’t see it and I feel so unworthy… but losing you has inspired me to make my life and my contributions worthy of the value you so graciously bestowed upon me. I can only hope and have to believe that you are here with me still… I will need your strength, wisdom and guiding light to help me through this. I miss you. I am so lost without you. Even in death you inspire me.

My universe has been turned upside down… and while I am overwhelmed by a profound sadness that hurts in a way I could have never imagined I am filled with a sense of purpose that I so needed. I will make you proud Daddy. I will dig deep and aim high. I will do my best to honor your memory… you are irreplaceable but your wisdom lives on and will continue to light the way for those of us left here to navigate alone. I miss you. I love you. Rest easy Daddy… no one earned it more… The grief is overwhelming but it is accompanied by a beautiful and comforting feeling of peace in knowing that you will be there to embrace me when I meet you on the other side.