The Immutable Laws of Nature

Sadness today to report the passing of Dr. Jim Sensenig, ND. Co-founder and first President of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, founder and lead facilitator of the Naturopathic Medicine Institute, owner and practitioner at Natural Health Associates in Hamden, CT, champion of the Vitalistic approach to health, tireless advocate of naturopathic medicine, among many other accomplishments and contributions.

Dr. Sensenig was a true advocate, champion, academic and (in his own words) zealot for the potential of naturopathic medicine to be a true healing force in the world. Not just for people looking for a holistic approach to healthcare, but for our planet and how we understand and navigate this process called Life (big L) in this particular place and time in Creation.

He was a man that *always* took the time to talk with anyone (especially young wide-eyed students like myself, 20 years ago) about the power and possibilities of practicing and living a philosophy-based healing practice embodying “the immutable laws of Nature.”

I can’t imagine anyone will ever be able to contribute to the Vital Conversations about health in the way he did. His knowledge of the classics (Lust, Lindlahr, Hahnemann, Kent, Coulter, etc….) was exhaustive and constant. It was a gift to hear him share his knowledge and thoughts about this practice that he loved.

I incorporate the ways that he taught us to practice every day, with every patient that I get the honor to work with. Those ideas are “fundamental” (I can hear him saying it) to what it means to establish and maintain good health. These weren’t his ideas, just things that he readily acknowledged that he picked up from *his* teachers, and from observing the living world around us because “it is just how things are.”

Thank you for all the lessons Jim, about medicine and about life. It was a blessing to learn from you, and share some small part of the journey together. All the best to you as you continue on with yours. Hope you are enjoying reconnecting with *your* teachers, and getting into the REAL stuff on what this thing we do is all about, as you so loved to do.

Blessings and gratitude. Vis Medicatrix Naturae

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