Jim Snyder’s Reflection


It was sad serendipity for me to find this corner of the internet when I did. Jim Sensenig and I were both Boy Scouts and buddies in high school in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, graduating in ‘66. We were daring enough to keep our senior prom dates driving around all night and in the process happened on a damaged car that had left the road. I can clearly remember Jim corralling and treating a male passenger in shock who was “looking for his finger,” wandering in the dark. By the next morning the excitement was over and we four were boating at a lake Jim knew that had a rowboat handy. We stayed in touch during his time at the Coast Guard Academy while I was at college. Then came his years in Army Military Intelligence while I was in the Air Force. Jim and I visited each other off and on, the last time in the ‘80s after he established his practice in Connecticut. Then our careers happened and we fell out of touch. As you all undoubtedly know, Jim was a solid guy, and I say he was a hell of a friend. Jim Snyder 21Dec19.