I will miss him dearly

From Dr. Gail Littel

The naturopathic profession lost an amazing man on Nov. 30. I invite you to read his eulogy, written by men who knew Dr. Jim Sensenig and walked the walk with him; each of them for decades.

Jim extended a personal invitation to me to listen in on the very first “Vital Conversation” conference phone call on March 9, 2016. I’ve been a part of that call, and the Naturopathic Medicine Institute ever since. My invitation stemmed from a conversation that had taken place between us in Arizona in the fall of 2008. And that, my friends is recognition of a shared vision and hope – and an incredible memory! I’m glad we shared a big hug before I left our ‘Vital Gathering 4’ in Dallas this past October. I am one among many who will miss him dearly.


Dr. Gail Littel