Friend, Classmate and Colleague

I met Jim in August of 1974 at Kansas Newman College in Wichita, KS.  We were both starting at NCNM when the first two years were offered in Wichita.  A lot could be said about a bunch of aspiring counterculture doctors from the coasts in the plains, but by the fall of ’76 we were in Portland.  In the summer of ’77 Jim and I were doing construction work in the clinic to finish up what the class ahead of us had begun, students physically building out the clinic.  I went to southern Oregon after graduation (’78) for a year, but Jim stayed at the school and became the Academic Dean as the administration was in transition.  He asked me to come back to the school for the fall of ’79 to teach pathology (real pathologists were more than the school could afford). We worked together for a few years including the transition to the Market Street campus.  Jim remarried and moved back east.  While visiting an elderly doctor in Hamden, CT, the doctor said, “You’re the one”.  He meant Jim was to take over his practice.  Jim said he was just passing through and thought he was heading back to Pennsylvania, but life had other plans.  The old doctor died shortly thereafter.  He knew what he was doing, passing the baton to Jim to serve his patients.

In 1996-97 Jim and I spent a lot of time on the phone talking developing a curriculum for the new ND program at the University of Bridgeport.  I was the Chief Academic Officer at NCNM at this time.  Jim, as founding Dean at UB, got the program there off the ground with minimal support from the University.  He left the University before long as it was not good at keeping its commitments.  I became Dean there in 2004 and asked Jim to come back and teach naturopathic philosophy as he was doing at other schools.  He was willing, and some of my most fond memories at UB were the times I would sit in on his philosophy classes and do the occasional tag team in the lecture.  His presentations were always right on the money to encourage students to think and apply the concepts to real world medicine and imbue them with an appreciation for the principles of naturopathic medicine.

I left UB in 2011, but we would see each other at conferences.  The accompanying picture is, from right to left, Jim, Prudence Broadwell, ND (NCNM ’77), Robert Broadwell, ND (our teacher and mentor in Kansas the first year and in Portland (’76-’77), and myself.  This was taken at the AANP Annual Convention in 2018 in San Diego.  Jim maintained a close connection with Robert over the years and he was a mentor and source of inspiration for many of us.  That was the last time I saw Jim, and I will miss him very much.  He has crossed the great divide, but he left us with his legacy, his lifetime of commitment and leadership in the medicine and we are stronger for it.


Be at Peace and Travel Well My Friend,

Guru Sandesh Singh Khalsa, ND

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