Dr. Santa

Dr. S on the welcome night of VG1 – just moments before he addressed his Tribe for the first time.

My private nickname for him was “Dr Santa” – he embodied that gigantic energy or sparkle, kindness, warmth, and generosity.

It amazed me that with everything going on in his life, with the importance he held for our entire profession, and with a full practice schedule – that he would regularly call me to see how I was doing, and talk for hours and hours about everything from the weather to aliens to caterpillars having to turn to mush to fulfill their destiny. Now, in reading others’ remembrances — it is even more mind-boggling that he was holding that kind of space for many, many others. What a gift to make so many feel seen and special just by being You (without even getting to the legendary founder/ elder/ healer part).

I feel so grateful to have been able to have one of these conversations on the last day he was here. A good part of the conversation was about spiritual philosophies he was currently so excited to be studying — specifically about the concepts of life and death. In his words, death wasn’t an ending… merely a dis-incarnation from the physical. Everything about the person, except their body, is still here…just now beyond the seen. It’s shockingly, painfully, unfathomable that he is not physically here anymore —  but I think he wanted to make sure we knew that he indeed would still be Here. Magic until the end/ beginning.

Thank you, I love you, I miss you — and I’m so excited for you for your next journey.

Lisa Lavoie, ND