The impact of his leadership

From Pamela Snider, ND; Jared Zeff, ND, LAc; Joe Pizzorno, ND; James Sensenig, ND (in memoriam) Stephen Myers, ND, BMed, PhD; Roger Newman -Turner, ND, DO, LAc; Don Warren, ND; Thom Kruzel, ND; Kelsang Tenpa; MA and Amy Neil, MS, MAP  Executive and Senior Editors, Production Editor, Medical Editor, Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Institute

Dr. Jim Sensenig’s contributions to the restoration of the naturopathic profession and advancement of truly curative medicine were immense. Our profession and the human community owe him a debt of gratitude that can never be adequately expressed and honored.

Jim was relentlessly committed to the foundational principles of curative medicine. He was inspirational to students and young doctors who came to naturopathic medicine because they wanted to cure their patients rather than follow the easy path of palliation and simplistic symptom relief. When he saw too many drift into green drug medicine, he recruited thought leaders to help get the profession back on track. The monthly calls he initiated became a welcome safe space for the many physicians who realized that lack of understanding of the true causes of disease lead to short term apparent relief while allowing, and even aggravating, the real reasons people were suffering.

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His Legacy Will Live On

Eulogy from Dr. Iva Lloyd and Shawn O’Reilly

James (Jim) Sensenig was an anchor and a beacon for the naturopathic profession.  He intensely defended and protected not only the foundational philosophy and principles of naturopathic medicine but the profession itself.  Jim was instrumental in facilitating the professional formation of the naturopathic profession in the United States.  He spear-headed the formation of the AANP and he was involved in creating CNME and NPLEX.  He has been a senior editor on the Foundations Project and more recently he opened Naturopathic Medicine Institute to ensure that the foundational aspects of naturopathic medicine remain strong.

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A Eulogy: Remembering Dr. Jim Sensenig, ND, VNMI

Dr. Jared Zeff: Dr. Jim Sensenig will forever be a giant in Naturopathic Medicine, respected and beloved by many, a teacher of many, a friend of many.

I’m Looking For Flowers

It’s such a sad time for all of us, I know you’re feeling all these feels with me, and that comforts me.  Found something today to bring some vitality to all our griefs.   It would make a nice meme to post to our community too.

“Earth laughs in flowers. “  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’m looking for 🌺  💐 flowers, because laughter, even in grief, is good medicine.  I remember Jim’s smile, and his laugh.

We all experienced this truth – Jim was a singularly incredible and simultaneously quite human being.  And I am certain he will live on as a legend amongst us and beyond us.  I intend to do my part to make real that certainty.  His impact was larger than life.

Like many of our friends and colleagues, and like you, I can attribute so much good in my life and the good that has come through my life to knowing Jim.  He handed me my diploma.  He gave me my speaking career.  He believed In me and trusted me and encouraged me.  I can see his face, hear his voice, recall his wisdom, remember his great vision.  But the hard part for me is knowing that while his voice and vision can still be with us through the legacy of service and creation that he left behind, he is gone and we are unlikely to know anyone of such caliber again in our lifetime.  Though I’m sure he did not believe he was done with his work, as my wife puts it, everyone dies at the perfect time. Passing while sleeping is a graceful exit.

Grief is about saying goodbye to what can never be. The flood of memories is helping some, but I’m not done talking with him, I still need some closure before I can fully let him go.  Writing helps.  Talking helps.  Loving and supporting each other helps.

I love you! and send you thoughts of gratitude, solace and peace.   I’m sorry to be away at this time, but so it is.   If you need or want to talk, my phone and email work here in Mexico, so do not hesitate if I can be of service to your heart in this moment of heartbreak.

I’m looking for flowers.

Rick Kirschner, ND, VNMI