We hope to continue his legacy.


Dr Sensenig will be remembered by EAST coast ND’s for resurrecting our professional. Myself, along with a small group of ND’s, helped Dr Sensenig during the formative years of starting UBCNM.

Since the school began, we have graduated many young ND’s to keep our profession strong on the eastern seaboard, and hope to continue his legacy.


Dr Eugene Zampieron, ND

It Was A Privilege To Know Him

I met Dr. Sensenig in 2004 as I was entering my Naturopathic education at SCNM. He taught the very first introductory courses to sensible health. I have since that time had a deep love and honor for such a wise and dedicated physician. I did not play the politics of the day just knew a great man when I saw him. He will always be missed by me. It was a privilege to know him and meet him many times since then at various gatherings and such. His imprint into my mind and into my heart is deeply entrenched as a practitioner and a friend. God speed to all.

Dr. Elaine

Jim Snyder’s Reflection


It was sad serendipity for me to find this corner of the internet when I did. Jim Sensenig and I were both Boy Scouts and buddies in high school in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, graduating in ‘66. We were daring enough to keep our senior prom dates driving around all night and in the process happened on a damaged car that had left the road. I can clearly remember Jim corralling and treating a male passenger in shock who was “looking for his finger,” wandering in the dark. By the next morning the excitement was over and we four were boating at a lake Jim knew that had a rowboat handy. We stayed in touch during his time at the Coast Guard Academy while I was at college. Then came his years in Army Military Intelligence while I was in the Air Force. Jim and I visited each other off and on, the last time in the ‘80s after he established his practice in Connecticut. Then our careers happened and we fell out of touch. As you all undoubtedly know, Jim was a solid guy, and I say he was a hell of a friend. Jim Snyder 21Dec19.

Dr. Sensenig saved my life!

From Claudia Macedo: I just wanted to say that Dr. Sensenig saved my life. I went through hell for 8 months with all the other doctors I consulted with before him. He was the only doctor to pay attention to my symptoms, understand what I was saying, and discover the reason for my suffering. He prescribed the cure to all the terrible things I was going through very quickly, and I was free from disease within one week of taking what he gave me. I would be dead by now if it wasn’t for him. I hope he is now with God, free and happy for having contributed so much to so many in his earthly life. God bless him!

With Gratitude for the Privilege

It is still hard to fathom that Dr. Sensenig has passed on. He was my professor at UBCNM, and I gained so much from his lectures as well as from precepting with him. He was an orator like no other. There were definitely moments during his lectures where it was apparent that the spirits of the elders of the profession were in the room with him, which was amazing. He provided such a space for us to dig into and learn the roots of our medicine. A particularly funny memory was on a day in his office when he decided to “snack” on some digestive enzyme chewables – he kept popping them! I am so grateful to have had the privilege of learning from him. I believe he’s still with us all, during clinical moments and thinking through challenging cases from the vitalist approach. Thank you, Dr. Sensenig, for all you’ve shared, and God Bless.

A Giant

A true giant, champion for the “vis”.  I am forever grateful. May our profession continue to thrive, give credence always, never lose the values and philosophe Jim lived, taught and professed.

Priscilla Skerry,N.D.

S.Portland, Maine

My East Coast Mentor

When I was introduced to naturopathic medicine I knew I had finally found the profession I had been looking for all along. My west coast mentor had been practicing naturopathic medicine for about 60 years when I left to go to school. When I moved to the east coast to attend UBCNM it was a completely fresh start; I knew absolutely nobody. As I was taught the philosophies of naturopathic medicine by Dr. Sensenig in the early part of my education, I gained a deeper appreciation for my experiences with my mentor that had brought my awareness to the profession. I was fortunate to have an incredible mentor from the beginning, but in Dr. Sensenig I saw great confidence and leadership that inspired me to be even more. His lessons seemed personal and resonated with great force in my heart, as the truths I’d always known, but never had words for. I’ll never forget when we first spoke and got to know each other. He asked me where I was from and how I had come to UBCNM. I was surprised to learn that he knew my mentor whom he considered his Elder, which I now understand was a huge compliment. Apparently my mentor had tried to play matchmaker for Dr. Sensenig many years ago. He had also left an impression on him for holding a good understanding of the philosophy and practice of naturopathic medicine. It wasn’t until further into my education that I fully realized who Dr. Sensenig was and all he had done for the profession. I felt incredibly fortunate to have him be a part of my education. He inspired in me a deep desire to further the profession that I was already deeply passionate about. While I was in school I acted on the desire and became active in state and national legislative efforts. More importantly, he taught me the importance of philosophy in clinical decision making. I studied the philosophy textbooks as though they held the secrets to curing disease, rather than just informative history or an abstract world view. When the time came to preceptor I went to his practice and suddenly I was home again. I watched naturopathic medicine practiced according to its philosophies. People got better… quickly. I saw the surprise in their eyes as he would describe the underlying disease and solutions where so many others had failed. I saw people take their first full breath, despite living for many years. It was frequent miracles and progress, and reminded me of time spent with my mentor on the west coast. It was contagiously fun and rewarding. His passing is deeply saddening. I hope that his legacy lives on through those of us who knew him. In my daily practice I attempt to honor him along with my other mentors and Elders by practicing naturopathic medicine as he did. The fire he lit inside me and our profession still burns brightly. His leadership will be sorely missed and while it will take many to fill the void it is my hope that we can come together to do so.


Sending a message of deep appreciation for the work of Dr. James Sensenig. A truly special and gifted human being- he inspired the Vis Medicatrix Naturae- keystone of our medicine. He was my professor for that last memorial class @ SCNM 2004. Fun and blessed memories. He was very helpful to my father and shared a very kind, compassionate message for me after I visited his office to let him know of of my father’s peaceful death after surgery. Love, Blessings & Gratitude on his return to home.