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We hope to continue his legacy.

  Dr Sensenig will be remembered by EAST coast ND’s for resurrecting our professional. Myself, along with a small group of ND’s, helped Dr Sensenig during the formative years of starting UBCNM. Since the school began, we have graduated many young ND’s to keep our profession strong on the eastern seaboard, and hope to continue […]

It Was A Privilege To Know Him

I met Dr. Sensenig in 2004 as I was entering my Naturopathic education at SCNM. He taught the very first introductory courses to sensible health. I have since that time had a deep love and honor for such a wise and dedicated physician. I did not play the politics of the day just knew a […]

Jim Snyder’s Reflection

  It was sad serendipity for me to find this corner of the internet when I did. Jim Sensenig and I were both Boy Scouts and buddies in high school in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, graduating in ‘66. We were daring enough to keep our senior prom dates driving around all night and in the process happened […]