His Legacy Will Live On

Eulogy from Dr. Iva Lloyd and Shawn O’Reilly

James (Jim) Sensenig was an anchor and a beacon for the naturopathic profession.  He intensely defended and protected not only the foundational philosophy and principles of naturopathic medicine but the profession itself.  Jim was instrumental in facilitating the professional formation of the naturopathic profession in the United States.  He spear-headed the formation of the AANP and he was involved in creating CNME and NPLEX.  He has been a senior editor on the Foundations Project and more recently he opened Naturopathic Medicine Institute to ensure that the foundational aspects of naturopathic medicine remain strong.

Whether Jim was teaching at a school, presenting at a conference, or talking one-on-one with colleagues and students his passion was palpable.  Jim’s Canadian colleagues were always keen to hear him speak about naturopathic medicine whether it be at Canadian Conferences, social functions or the Gathering.  His legacy will live on in all those who were fortunate enough to witness his passion for the medicine.

Dr. Iva Lloyd, BScH, BCPP, ND

Naturopathic Foundations Health Clinic

Past Chair CAND

President of the WNF


Shawn O’Reilly

Executive Director, Director of Government Relations

Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND)

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