Paul and Dr. S

He left a vast legacy

I first met Jim in 2006, in my first month of Naturopathic College, where he gave a wonderful lecture. I always remebered that lecture, it kept me going in an increasingly depressing program. Jim had something, something that my education did not have, but that many of the extracurricular teachers I sought out did.

I joined the Vital Conversation, Jim’s weekly podcast, on the third conversation. I’ve listened since, gone to VG2, 3 and 4, as well as the introductory training to Biodynamic Osteopathy. In that, I think i picked up something more, something energetic.

Jim possessed an energy, a thing that we now, for lack of a better word call Vitalism. It’s not an intellectual understanding, it is an energy, a lineage, a something that you either possess or do not, in addition to the intellectual understandings of the vital force, which he also conveyed wonderfully to his students.

Jim left a vast legacy, in terms of students, in terms of his transmission of vitalism, in terms of his professional contributions, which are too numerous to mention.

Right after he died, Jim visited me (yes this does happen quite often to me). He wasn’ sad, angry or bitter, as many sudden deaths are. He was quite at peace. He was proud of me and all his other Vitalist students, and had fully confidence in us to continue on in the legacy that he passed on to us.

If you are interested in acquiring this legacy, please do visit the Naturopathic Medicine Institute.

Dr. Paul Theriault